Sunday, October 6, 2013

Girl of the Year 2014 Ideas Part 2

A couple months ago we did a Girl of the Year 2014 Ideas post, and now it is time for a sequel to that post. 
We still have no physical description of GOTY 2014, but that should change in the next couple weeks.  We always have more coming in October.  Her name is not specified yet, but the most likely candidates are Teagan and Isabelle.  She will be a dancer, and now the summaries of her 3 (yes, 3!) books are up on Amazon:
American Girl GOTY 2014 Book 1 by Laurence Yep – GOTY 2014 is excited about starting her first year at the Anna Hart School of the Arts! But she can’t help comparing herself to her older sister, Jade, who attends the same school and is an amazing ballerina. GOTY 2014′s other classmates are equally talented, and she starts wondering whether she really belongs at her new school. She earns a role in the fall festival, but she struggles during rehearsals. Can GOTY 2014 learn how to focus less on those around her and more on her own dancing? With help from her sister and her friends, GOTY 2014 may discover a unique talent that she can truly call her own.
American Girl GOTY 2014 Book 2 by Laurence Yep – As GOTY 2014 rehearses her ballet routine for The Nutcracker, she wonders if she’ll ever master her pirouettes, especially with her classmate Renata pointing out her every mistake. She tries focusing on the other parts of the production she enjoys: exploring the costume and props room and helping out with costumes for some of the younger dancers. But when Jade, her big sister who also attends Anna Hart School of the Arts, becomes moody and withdrawn, GOTY 2014 taps into her design skills to try to find a solution for Jade. In the meantime, can GOTY 2014 find the confidence to tune out Renata and perfect her own performance, too?
American Girl GOTY 2014 Book 3 by Laurence Yep – GOTY 14 is doing great at the Anna Hart School of the Arts–her dancing idol Jackie Sanchez even invites her to go on tour! GOTY 2014 jumps on board, but she quickly finds that the traveling show has its challenges, not the least of which is bossy Renata who was invited to come, too. When the dance show suddenly starts falling apart, GOTY 2014 tries to help Jackie pull it back together–and begins to learn more about a mentor who encouraged Jackie to dance as a young girl. As GOTY taps into her talents to try to save the show, she not only discovers who inspired Jackie, but also how she, herself, can inspire those around her.

So, tada!  What we know so far!  Hopefully a physical description and name soon to come!
As for the vlog, we aren't going to do it, because it wasn't AG related and it was taking too long.  Sorry, we haven't done a real post in forever!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We're Back!

Hello everyone, we are back from vacation!  The vlog is being put together, but it may take awhile.  Also coming up is a Who Wore it Best Sequel, and some updates on GOTY 2014!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Vacation...

Just saying that we are leaving for Florida early tomorrow, and won't be back until late Tuesday night.  We will be posting a vlog on here and YouTube about the trip if we can!  See you in a week!
P.S.  New signatures!
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review on #49 Paige

We posted a picture of Paige on Instagram a couple days ago, and we had a request to do a review on her.  Enjoy!
#49 has medium skin, black-brown wavy hair, and blue eyes.  She also has the Classic Facemold.

 Paige's skin next to a light skinned doll.
 Her eyes are the standard blue that they use for all blue-eyed MyAG's except for #24.
 Paige's black-brown hair next to a lighter brown color.
 Paige's black-brown hair next to Chrissa's dark brown hair.
 Although, from afar, the difference in the color is not as noticeable.  She can wear the dark brown hair pieces from AG without a problem.
 Paige's hand next to Kanani's hand.  In the picture, it looks like Paige's hand is darker, but in reality they are the same color.
Paige's hair is really silky and soft.  We think it might actually be Sonali's hair, so if you have Sonali, compare her hair to Paige's.  Her hair can be brushed or picked, and you can brush it out straight like below,

 Or twist the hair into curls.
Paige looks good in EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  Here are a few versatile outfits where you can decide for yourself.
Saige's Sweater Outfit

 Kanani's Meet Outfit

 Pretty & Plaid Outfit


So, all in all, we have no complaints about buying #49.  She looks good in everything and is very photogenic.  Her hair is very easy to manage, unlike a lot of curly-haired dolls.  Her eyes are a bright shade of blue, and if you are cought between #49 and #60, buy #49, because #49's skin tone really pops with her eyes, while #60's light skin can't really compare.  #49's hair will also hold hairstyles better because of the wavy texture of it.  Although if you really want #60, don't let anything stop you because she really is a gorgeous doll!  In our opinion, #49 is the doll from AG who looks most like Katniss because she has olive skin, dark brown/black hair, and from certain angles, her eyes look grey.  Sorry, we were kind of rambling there for a bit!  Also, a new blog design is coming shortly, watch for it!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Video on YT!

We just posted a photoshoot on YouTube (username is Agdollswithablog Tarynn) with some pictures from the review tomorrow!  Go check it out and remember to comment, like, and subscribe!