Thursday, June 20, 2013

AG Store Chicago

We had the opportunity to go to AG Store Chicago last Thursday, (a week ago) and we made sure to take LOTS of pictures.  Enjoy!

The display windows walking in

Sorry, that one was all reflective.
The first thing you see:  A display case with all of the historical characters and Saige.  None of the best friends were there, except for Ruthie, which confuses us.

Saige's hot air balloon... It's huge!
Now... to the historical characters.
Each historical character has a little glass "room" with a "window", which is really a T.V.
 Caroline's "room"
 Kit's "room"
 Julie's "room"
 Molly's "room"
 Kaya's "room"
 Rebecca's "room"
 Caroline's "room"  Apparently there were two Caroline rooms... something I didn't notice until later. 
 Addy's "room"
Josefina's "room"
Marie-Grace and Cecile's "room"
Next, the "world displays"  These are big displays with almost all of the Historical Character's collection in it.
 Kit & Ruthie
 Molly & Emily
 Cecile & Marie Grace
 Julie & Ivy
Now, some displays


We think the dolls had something done to their hair, because it was so smooth.  It was NOT that nice coming out of the box.  Although Caroline's hair felt weird, rough and frayed.
The mini doll display!  There's Sam!  She would be so happy.  I don't think was a good idea to not put them in a case, because people were playing with their hair and messing with it.  Caroline was not on the display case, because she was not one of the original 12 dolls, I guess.
 Kirsten's hair had come out.
 Marie-Grace's braid's were haywire, and Cecile's hair is all frizzy.
 Julie's hair had come out, and Molly's glasses were gone.
 Kit's barrette was also gone. 
Leaving the Historical Characters... Pretty display thing
MyAG time...
The Photo Studio with your doll
 Store Exclusives...

The Plaid Party Dress
 Sweet Spring Dress
 The Pretty Party Outfit, the Sweet Savannah Dress,
 the Sweet Spring Dress, and the Plaid Party Dress
 The Flute Set.  By the way, the red stickers you see on the outfits are the doll number.
 The Violin Set and The Sweet School Dress
 The Piano Set and the Petals & Posies Dress
 The Cello Set and the Sweet Savannah Dress
 The bath and shower
 The Mystery of the Bubbles:  They come in clumps like these, and you can arrange them.
 First set of MyAGs
 Second set of MyAGs
 The Dreamy Daybed, Dreamy Nightstand Set, I Love Pets PJ's, Storage Tower, and
Butterfly Garden PJ's with a doll that looks like she's falling over.
The Horse and other various outfits
The Volleyball Set, the Cheerleading Outfit, the Lacrosse Outfit, and the Soccer Outfit
 The Ballet Outfit
The Purchase with Purchase: the Pretty in Plaid Outfit
A little board thing that lights up
The Soft-as-Snow Outfit & Earmuffs, and the Pretty Pink Coat Set

The True Spirit Outfit & Accessories
Various Outfits and Pets

The Tennis Outfits
American Girl also set up some outfits like this
The Snowboard Outfit & Gear and another outfit that we can't remember the name of
On to the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins
A look at the room

 Giant mobile in the middle of the room

 The boxes they come in

 All the Bitty Twins
 A potty training set maybe?

Onto Saige, who has almost no pictures, sorry
Hot-Air Balloon
 Starter Collection and Other Outfits
 One of our friends taking a picture with Saige
The Café...
Saige's Summer Smoothie, which is limited
 Caroline enjoys tea.  You don't get to keep the cups or the chairs, but you get to keep a hairbow that comes around the napkin.
Hope you enjoyed the tour, which took forever to put together, sorry.  Remember to tell us what you think by leaving a comment or voting on the survey, which will be up shortly.  Be sure to check back tomorrow!



  1. Cool! I love the American Girl Place. I want to go there for my birthday.


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