Small Steps... The Mini Dolls' View

Us mini dolls don't have a lot going for us, because of our size.  But we have a motto:  Small is the new tall!  Here is our honest truth...

First we have Ruthie.  Ruthie is Rebecca's doll, and loves to be the center of attention... kind of like Rebecca!  Just kidding... Rebecca would kill us if she saw that.  She does want to be an actress though, which is pretty much the same thing.  Ruthie loves animals and goofing off.

Here's Felicity, Mia's doll.  Felicity the big doll is retired, but you can still buy Felicity the mini doll!  One of the advantages of being small is that you don't retire.  Felicity loves running around and playing pranks on the big dolls.

Here's Kristen, Molly's doll.  Kristen big doll is also retired.  Ah, the (not very many) advantages of being small.  Kirsten loves playing outside and bacon.

This is Ivy, Lanie's doll.  Ivy is a gymnast, which is why she is sitting in the splits.  She says it isn't very easy, because her pants are so tight.  Ivy really loves gymnastics, and she also likes baking cookies.

This is Nellie, Chrissa's doll.  Nellie is also retired.  Yah, a lot of us are retired.  You will notice a pattern developing.  Nellie enjoys eating pastries and playing outside.  Just kidding about eating pastries.  She doesn't really like those.

Here's Emily, Nicki's doll.  Big doll Emily is not retired, but they will retire soon.  Emily loves playing with her dog and playing jump rope.

And here's us!  Samantha and Elizabeth!  Or Sam and Liz, which are our modern names.  We are both retired, but mini-us are still sold.   We like...

Riding Nicki's horse.  Both of us can fit!  Maybe even a third or fourth mini doll!

Riding Kit's scooter.  Even though we're not tall enough to reach the bar doesn't mean we can't have fun!

And riding Chrissa's llama.  Even though we're not allowed to, because Chrissa says she's only a baby.  Well, we're kind of like babies.  Baby dolls!  So that should make us allowed to ride Starburst (the llama's name). 

Well, that's the mini doll's world at a glance.  Since we're not allowed to have our own blog, keep checking back on the main page for Mini-Doll Musings, written every so often by yours truly. 


  1. I have Mini Felicity and Elizabeth too!

  2. I have mini Cecile, and I'm getting Melody mini Kit for her b-day! I love all your dolls!

    1. Thanks so much! How crazy is mini-Cecile's hair, we're thinking about getting her?


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