Future Dolls

We really hope to add 5 more dolls to our collection sometime in the next few years, and here they are.

Poppy Adair Campbell
Poppy would be customized, and she would be Nellie with MyAG #38's wig.  She is twins with Primrose.  They were born in Scotland, and will talk with a Scottish accent (something we're looking forward to for stopmotions).  They will be archers, and they will also play soccer, which they call football in Scotland.  They will be really smart, but they will both have dyslexia (which is a reading disorder, look it up if you don't know what it is).  They will be those twins who are best friends, talk at the same time, finish each other's sentences, and think the same things.  They will also speak Scots (a language similar to German and English) sometimes, which drives the rest of the dolls insane.
Primrose Gaira Campbell
Primrose will be customized (all of the dolls we want to get will be), and she will be MyAG #38 with Nellie's wig.  She will normally be called Prim, because Primrose sounds somewhat formal.  She will have the same personality as Poppy, with little variations. 
Britlyn Lorraine Cosette Asher
Britlyn is MyAG #33 with Felicity's eyes and Julie's hair.  She is a model and an actress, and as a result, is somewhat a diva.  She will be very dramatic and bossy, and likes to get her way.  But, aside from all that, Britlyn is a great friend and is very sweet when you get to know her.  Britlyn is actually quite smart, but many people underestimate how smart she is, because she has a lot of dumb moments.  Britlyn will be a cheerleader.  Britlyn's parents were born in France, but Britlyn was born in America.  She will speak non-fluent French and will not have an accent.  Britlyn will also have asthma.  Her best friends are Megan and Olivia.  Britlyn's name is up for debate, though.
Megan Melody Anderson
Megan is Julie with a caramel colored long-ish curly haired wig from Monique's doll supply.  She may have freckles, depending on if she looks too much like Rebecca or not.  Megan is musically talented, and plays 21 instruments, which we will not list because it would take too long.  Megan is shy at first, but quickly becomes talkative when she gets to know you.  She does track and cycling.  Megan will have Type One diabetes, and her best friends are Britlyn and Olivia. 
Olivia Astrid Weaver
Olivia is McKenna with MyAG #33's wig.  She will play mostly every sport, and is good at all of them, except for ice skating.  Olivia is very stubborn, and sometimes acts without thinking.  Olivia is really good at math, but isn't so bright at other subjects.  She is very competitive, and gets frustrated at team sports when her team is losing and she can't help it.  Olivia is very outgoing and friendly, and will talk to anyone who will listen.  She is allergic to milk, eggs, gluten, and nuts.  Olivia's best friends are Britlyn and Megan.

Disclaimer:  We like our custom dolls to be unique and take pride that they are one-of-a-kind, so please don't copy. 



  1. Those sound so cute! Are you actually going to get them?

    1. Thanks! Hopefully we will get them, although it may take a couple years to save up :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! Hopefully it goes well, although we are a little scared of doing an eyeswap on Britlyn :)


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