Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nicki!

Nicki's birthday was the 24th, so a photostory for you.

 Everyone seated at the table
 Reeces Cake!  (Paige had carrots, as you can see in the above photo, since she's allergic to peanuts)
 Present #1
 Felicity's Noah's Ark Set

 It comes with more animals than just these.

 Present #2
Food trays!  (These are from Oriental Trading)
 Present #3
Skis!  Nicki has had a ski outfit but no skis for 6 years... It's about time those skis came :)
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saige's Interview Featuring Rebecca and Paige

So, Tarynn was bored and took this stopmotion.  It's not very well done, since we made it in like 5 minutes and the light kept changing.  Saige interviews Rebecca and Paige, but lets her ego get ahead of her.  This will be our first stopmotion (and video for that matter)  posted on the site!  Yay!

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New AG Stuff

Here are our opinions on the new AG Stuff.  We don't own these pictures.

Saige's Tunic Outfit:  We will probably get this, but the flats?  Why are they pink?

Not getting this probably, but it's cute.

This is cute!  We love the book and water bottle.

Overpriced.  We will be making our own version of this.

Um, maybe.  Overpriced, too.

Awesome, except for the fact that you can't remove the food.

This is so adorable!!  We will probably have to get this!

Cute, but the doll looks like a clown with that dress.

Definitely getting this.  Maybe even five sets of it.  This is awesome.  Very much awesome.

We think this ponytail is really long, but it would be fun for Toddlers and Tiaras videos.

These buns are obnoxiously big.  Probably a no.

These are like the headpiece that came with Caroline's Holiday Dress.  We think it's really cool for kids who can't do doll hair, but we'll probably just do it ourselves for free.

These outfits are really cute, but $90 is a little much.

Cute, but probably not getting it.

Looks a little cheaply made.

This is basically the same thing, except a different color.  Paige likes it though, since she's the model.

Um, we liked the old one a LOT better, but we didn't get a chance to get it.  The old one came with pants, too; and was blue and yellow instead of PINK AND GREEN.  Why is it pink and green?  Will probably get this since Tarynn loves running so much, or we will wait until a new one comes out in a different color, like we are doing with the cheerleader outfit.

Cute, but not getting it.

Nice, we guess.  We're not getting her, but we're glad AG made her since so many girls look like this.

Ok, SERIOUSLY, AG?  We went to the AG Store literally 3 weeks ago, to get Kristen and Paige, and we got Paige because she looks the most like Tarynn except for the dark skin.  Well of course, right after we get Paige, they come out with a doll that looks EXACTLY LIKE TARYNN.  Paige is reading this and is afraid we will return her.  Don't worry, Paige.  You're not getting returned.  We're not even getting this doll.  A lot of people say she looks like Katniss in doll form, but we think Paige (MyAG #49)  looks more like her, because Katniss has olive skin.  But Tarynn takes that as a compliment because that means she looks like Katniss.  Katniss also has grey eyes.  Grr, this makes us so MAD!

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Our Entry for Nina's Photo Contest

Here is our entry for Nina's Photo Contest on
Ok, so, we would email this to her, but our email isn't working, so we are posting it.
McKenna and Chrissa enjoy the sun together.
The photo is entitled Best Friends.  Our camera was kind of acting up during this photo shoot, and it took this picture.  We think it is awesome, because it managed to focus on the girls' hair but kind of wash out the rest of the background.  Oh, and NO FILTER WAS USED.  Our camera just took the picture.  We capitalized "No filter was used,"  because people tend to skim over posts, and capitalized words will stand out.  Also, NO EDITING WAS DONE TO THE PICTURE.


Updates :)

Alright, we are sooo sorry about not posting, our wifi was down, and our email is currently not working, so in other words, THE CYBER WORLD HATES US.  WE WON A GIVEAWAY!!! Yay!!  We will email Char once our email goes back to working.  Today's posts will be:  Happy Birthday Nicki,  Saige's Interview, and our entry for Americangirlandotherawesomeness' summer photo contest.  We are currently working on a Talent Show post and Dance Dolls Part 2, and we will use one of those videos as an entry for Agoverseasfan's contest.  Whew. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Giveaway at Doll Diaries!

There is another giveaway at Doll Diaries!!  They are giving away lots of craft supplies.  You can enter here!  Thank you Doll Diaries and Laura Kelly!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mini Doll Monday 6/24/13

Hey, it's Sam and Liz, and for those of you who don't know, TODAY IS NICKI'S BIRTHDAY!!  Not officially, Tarynn and Valorie made up birthdays for the big dolls.  But they didn't make birthdays for the mini dolls!  So us mini dolls celebrate our birthday on the same day our big dolls do.  So, today is also Emily's birthday.  We decided to throw her a surprise party.

 You can't see us can you?  Yes the AG Place is a mess. 
And the big dolls forgot to make their beds.
 Surprise!  Some of us are hard to see but we (Sam and Liz) are pretty easy.
Emily was super surprised!!
We got to go now, we're about to open presents and eat cake.  Be here next week for our next post!!!