Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rope Braid Hair Style Tutorial

So, as we posted earlier, the Saige Contest winners were revealed today!!  You can see the winners here.  You have to scroll down a bit and click on Prize Winners.  Congrats to those 10 people!  If you entered, you can also see your balloon in a big mosaic here.  Click on the drop-down menu and find your state.  The names are then in alphabetical order based on first names.  So, on a Saige-ish topic, we are going to do a tutorial on how to do Saige's rope braid, using Julie as a model. 

1.  Lightly mist the hair and brush it out so it doesn't have any tangles. 

2.  Separate the hair into two equal sections.

3.  Twist both sections of hair in the same direction.  NOT OPPOSITE, SAME.  This is important.
4. Twist the sections of hair around each other in the opposite direction of how you twisted the original sections.  NOT SAME, OPPOSITE.  This is also important. 

5.  Once you have twisted all of the hair, secure with an hairband or elastic.  To make this braid more Saige-ish, pull the hair around to the side of your doll's head before you separate it and start twisting. 

Julie, looking very much like Saige with her hairstyle, is lost in thought.
Thanks for reading and remember to try this on your doll for a Southwestern look.  Be sure to tell us what you think by leaving a comment or voting on the poll to your right.  This probably was our last post for today, so go have an amazing afternoon.  We might post something a little bit later but probably will save it for tomorrow.

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