Tips for AG Dolls

Here are our tips to keep AG Dolls looking good for years to come. 

American Girl hair isn't like human hair, so you can't use human products on it, like hairspray and mousse.  Doing so could cause your doll's hair to become dry and frizzy.  Instead, fill a spray bottle with water and use that to manage the frizz of the hair.  If the hair gets too frizzy and unmanageable, you can do a Downy Dunk.  Look up a tutorial before doing it, so that you don't permanently damage the hair.  Also, avoid using heat on your doll's hair.  On certain occasions, you can use heat, but be sure you know how to safely use it on the hair.  There are tutorials on YouTube and other various places.  Also, you can use Braid Spray, since that is for synthetic hair.  Be careful using sprays on your doll's hair, though, and be sure you know how to use them.  Some people don't use sprays on their doll's hair since they believe it can make it dry.  It is completely up to you if you use sprays on your doll's hair, but a lot of products aren't safe, so be careful. 

American Girl skin is a soft vinyl that absorbs most liquids and dyes, so it can get stained easily.  To get out the stains, you can use baking soda and water.  Although, we have tried this mixture and found it hasn't worked the best.  For most stains, we have used a Magic Eraser.  Be careful, though-this can also take the paint off the doll!  For more extreme stains, you can also use acne creams.  We have never tried this and aren't really sure how to go about it, so look up a tutorial first.  For general upkeep of the skin, though, the baking soda mixture works well.

Body Cloth
For stains on the body cloth, you could always remove the limbs and the head (look up tutorials first) and wash the cloth until the stain comes out.  If the body starts to smell bad, it may need new stuffing.  Remove the head, take out the old stuffing, then fill it up with new stuffing, which can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  The body cloth does not normally need maintenance, though.

So, those were our tips for the upkeep of you American Girl doll, so you can get the most play experience possible!

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