Meet the Dolls

We have gotten 3 new dolls that need to be put up:  Paige (MyAG #49), Kristen (MyAG #23), and Saige.  Also, all of the dolls will get new profile pictures, so stay tuned for an updated Meet the Dolls.

 Kanani Akina
Best Friend: Lanie Holland
Kanani is loving and brave. She likes paddleboarding and wildlife, but dislikes surfing.

Julie Albright
Best Friend: Nicki Fleming
Julie is athletic and outgoing.  She likes basketball but dislikes pollution.

McKenna Brooks
Best Friend: Chrissa Maxwell
McKenna is sporty and hardworking.  She likes gymnastics but dislikes reading.

Nicki Fleming
Best Friend: Julie Albright
Nicki is courageous and patient.  She likes horses and service dogs, but dislikes pigs.
 Lanie Holland
Best Friend: Kanani Akina
Lanie is observant and eco-friendly.  She likes wildlife and dislikes crabby neighbors.
 Kit Kitteredge
Best Friend:  Rebecca Rubin
Kit is observant and resourceful.  She likes writing stories and dislikes the Great Depression.

Chrissa Maxwell
Best Friend: McKenna Brooks
Chrissa is artistic and caring.  She likes swimming and llamas but dislikes bullies.

Molly McIntire
Best Friend: Mia St.Clair
Molly is strong and brave.  She likes growing vegetables in her garden but dislikes turnips.

Rebecca Rubin
Best Friend: Kit Kitteredge
Rebecca is outgoing and friendly.  She likes acting and performing and dislikes it when people tell her she can't do something.

Mia St. Clair
Best Friend: Molly McIntire
Mia is strong and loving.  She likes skating and dislikes unfairness.

Marisol Luna
Best Friend: All of the dolls!
Marisol is caring and sweet.  She likes dance but dislikes moving.
Caroline Abbott
Best Friend:  Saige Copeland
Caroline is adventurous and strong-willed.  She likes sailing but dislikes rules.
Thanks for reading about our 12 (soon to be 15) crazy dolls! Be sure to leave a comment telling us what you think and vote on the survey to your right.


  1. Crosses and Caroline have very cute pictures! :)

  2. I have Lanie, Caroline, and Molly, too! I also have MAG 23 named Mary, Saige, and Ruthie!

  3. Wow, we have a lot of dolls in common, Nina! Aren't they such pretty dolls?

  4. Yes! They're so photogenic!

  5. I love all your dolls. I would like to get Rebecca and Kanani.

    1. Thank you! Rebecca and Kanani are both very beautiful dolls, and if you can find Kanani for a good price, definitely get her! Beware of Rebecca's heir though, it can get crazy :)

  6. I'm exactly like Rebecca and Mia! If you had a doll with a mixture of both their personalities, I'd be her!


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