Friday, August 30, 2013

New AG Releases: From Love it to Leave it

Yay, the new AG Releases are out!!  You have probably read so many of these, but we are going to make one also, with Sam and Liz telling you what they think as well!  So, we present our very first...Mini Doll Musing!  With all four of us telling us what we think.  We're not really going to review the Bitty Baby stuff, though, because that would take too long.

Tarynn:  Shorts and leggings?  Seriously?  I would honestly buy this though, and use the leggings for a different outfit.
Valorie: I like it, but I don't think the leggings should go with the outfit.  The leggings are cute though.
Sam: Oh my! This is hideous! If anyone buys this I will sue! I do like the shoes though:)
Liz:  Yikes.  None of the big dolls should ever wear that.

Tarynn:  Kind of McKenna knock-offy, but a good marketing move for people who missed it last year.
Valorie: I like this idea because I was sad I didn't get the bar and beam last year.
Sam:  We could have a party on this thing!
Liz:  This looks fun to climb on!

Tarynn:  Same as above.
Valorie:  I liked McKenna's better, but oh well I might buy this.
Sam:  It has pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz:  I like the colours better than McKenna's.

Tarynn:  This is really cute!  I want this!
Valorie:  It's okay, wouldn't be first on my list.
Sam:  That doll is pretty.
Liz:  The shoes look awesome!

Tarynn:  Cool, but overpriced.
Valorie:  That is way better than the other spa chair! Making a new wishlist!
Sam:  Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz:  This would make a good jungle gym.

Tarynn:  I guess this is more to make the doll the stylist instead of the girl...  It should come with a brush though.
Valorie:  I like the idea the dolls could do the mini doll's hair.
Sam:  Julie could do my hair!! I love having my hair done.
Liz:  Whatever

Tarynn:  It's ok, but it's overpriced.
Valorie:  This is cool.
Sam:   I hate it. Blah
Liz:  Good jungle gym!

Tarynn:  This is cute, but not really on the wish list.
Valorie:  I love the boots, but don't like the jacket.
Sam:  It's a no no.
Liz:  The coat looks fun to play in.

Tarynn:  The inner tube is just like Chrissa's, but the snowman is cute.
Valorie:  I like the snowman:)
Sam:  I like snow. This thing is awesome.
Liz:  I want it!  The snowman looks very friendly!

Tarynn:  Really pretty!
Valorie:  This dress is pretty.
Sam:  It would be prettier if it were pink.
Liz:  Meh.

Tarynn:  I love this outfit!  I have to get it!
Valorie:  This is sooo pretty! I love it!
Sam:  I like the shoes.
Liz:  It's pretty.  They should make it mini-doll sized.

Tarynn:  This is really cute, and I hope I have time to get it.
Valorie:  This is cute, and I like purple.  This is definitely a yes.
Sam:  The skirt is pretty.
Liz:  Same as last one.

Two ways to bring home Bitty Baby
Tarynn:  The facemold is creepy, and the price has skyrocketed.  Not liking this at all.
Valorie:  Wow.  The price really went up.  Eek.
Sam:  This is pink! It's soo pretty.  Well at least the outfit is.  The doll looks somewhat disturbing.
Liz:  They look like aliens.

So, that's our thoughts on the New AG Releases, and when this poll is over, we'll put up a new one asking what you think about them!


  1. Lol, I love the mini doll's comments! Great way to make yours different from everyone else's!

  2. Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know, I tagged you on my blog American Girl and other Awesomeness! If you want to do it, that would be great, and if you don't, that's okay! Thanks!

    The link-

    1. Haha, I think that's the second time :) We already have a post in progress I believe


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