Friday, July 26, 2013

AGP Chicago

We went to AGPC a week ago, and took some pictures.  Enjoy!  Side Note:  Sorry about the picture quality, our camera keeps getting worse and worse.

Water Tower Place!

 Window displays


 Molly & Emily
 Julie's Car.  Doesn't it seem weird that 10-year-olds would be driving?  This set is pointless to us.

 Caroline gets a whole wall to herself.
 Pretty display-thing
 New hair products.  The Bright Highlights Set was sold out.

 This seems like a terrible outfit.
 New MyAG's

 A Paige (MyAG #49)  looking a little beaten up in the hair, and no sticker.
 Paige modeling ponytail.
 The bun actually doesn't look that big in person, just in pictures. 
It looks HUGE in this picture, but it's really not that bad.

 *terrible quality*
 Meatloaf looks like he wants out.

 Purchase with Purchase
 Apparently, you can buy these little things, which include instructions to
make a certain hairstyle, and the materials used to make the hairstyle.

 A poster for you and a poster for your doll for $7.
 Finally, we find the shoes!

 The T.V. is playing Saige's movie.

 Store Exclusive

 Deformed Grace
 Deformed Grace once again
 Caroline's braided headband:

 You have to cover up the end of it, because it just ties off the hair.

 Goodbye, AG!
You can find a previous store tour here.  Be sure to tell us what you think by commenting or voting on the poll to your right!


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