Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photoshoot with Paige

So, most of the time for pictures, we use an older, not-as-nice camara, but yesterday, we decided to take some pictures with our newer, nicer, camera that never gets used.  So, a little photostory/photoshoot thing for you.

 Getting the camera to work, we took this picture inside, by a window.
 As we walk outside, we are mauled by our crazed cat.  Great.  5 seconds into the photoshoot and Paige has cat hair on her.
 Paige in a tree.
 Paige by our shed.
 In front of some flowers.
 Another of our cats resting and watching curiously.
 Paige in front of some trees.  And some bokeh!! 
 On a park bench-like thing that's small enough to fit dolls.
 Our cat once more.
A video with some better pictures of Paige.  Please watch, because we put the good pictures in here.


  1. Great pictures! Love them all!

  2. Lovely pictures, lovely doll, lovely outfit! ;)

    I really like the one by the window, and the bokeh!

    The video was super awesome too!!!

    Are those SOOC pictures?

    I love your new layout! :D

  3. Thanks, CraftyGiraff and OurAGAdventures! Yes, they are SOOC, and the layout is still being worked on a little, we're glad you like it!


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