Monday, July 8, 2013

Mini Doll Monday 7/8/13

Our catalog came in the mail today!!!!   We, of course were the first ones to look at it.  Here are the pictures we took.

 Us in front of the catalog.  It features Saige's newest outfit.
 Sam by the picture of Molly.  Sam is especially sad about the retirement,
since Sam and Molly were two of the original three dolls.

 Liz by Saige's new outfit.  Yes, when we look at catalogs, we walk
on them to make things easier to see.
 Sam by the MyAG's.
 The two new MyAG's
 Liz by the new hair things.
 Sam with another page about Molly's retirement.
A better look at the page.
Thanks, and remember to check in next week for a new post!


  1. Mini doll Monday! Yay!!!

    1. TL, we are so glad you like it! And Sam and Liz are too! :)


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