Friday, July 12, 2013

Just an FYI

We apologize sooo much about this, but we have some bad news.  Don't worry, it's not that bad, though.  Next week is our county fair, and since we are showing a lot of animals and projects, we will hardly have time to post, but we will be able to look at other posts and such.  And then the week after, we are both at camp, and no electronics of any type are allowed, so no cyber access for an entire week.  So we will have a LOT of updates when we get back.  As for Mini Doll Monday, we will try to get that up, and if we don't, then we don't.  Next week, though, there will be none since we are at camp.  On the bright side, we will hopefully be going to AGP Chicago in a week, and will take some pictures and videos to share with you if we go.  We won't be buying any dolls, but we have a shopping list in progress.
Thanks for your understanding,

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