Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Updatey Post

Ok, so we are here with a little bit of updates, since we have some information and have no idea where to put it.

First of all, on the new dolls half, we want to get 3 more dolls, all customized.  One would be named Olivia, she would be McKenna with MyAG #33's hair (red and curly).  Another would be Britlyn Lorraine, she would have MyAG#33's face, green eyes, and Julie's hair.  The last would be Megan,  she would be Julie with a brunette wig from Monique's Doll Supply, you can see it here.  We will post personalities later.  We're not sure when and if we will get these dolls, though.

Second, on the contest side, we aren't sure if we should enter Agoverseasfan's contest, there are already so many entries!  We already have McKenna, but if we won, the McKenna would become Olivia.  Also, we won Americangirlandotherawesomeness' contest!  Yay!!  You can see it here.

Also, we now have an Instagram, Agdollswithablog! 

Some upcoming posts are:  Talent Show, 4th of July Photoshoot, Lanie and Caroline Comparison, Nicki and #23 Comparison, Kit Spotlight, Dance Dolls Part 2, and an updated Meet the Dolls, as well as a Doll Care tab and a Favorite Blogs tab.  We are also getting a blog makeover, so keep watching for that!


  1. Cool! Tarynn, since you got first place, you get first pick! Do you want:

    An interview, which will be posted with a link to your blog (if you have one) and a picture of your doll(s).
    Lunaiis of your doll(s) that will be posted with a link to your blog (if you have one)
    A Springfield Style Club code (unused, of course) emailed to you along with a post saying you won with a link to your blog (if you have one)
    Please respond ASAP:)

  2. We chose the interview, Nina! Thanks!

  3. Where are you getting the blog makeover? Just wondering!

    1. Autum, we are getting it from Grace at


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