Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nicki and MyAG #23 Comparison

Ok, so here's our Nicki comparison with MyAG #23 (Kristen)...

Nicki and Kristen together.  They both have the classic facemold, blue eyes, brown hair, and freckles.  Kristen has straight eyebrows while Nicki has feathered ones.
 Their eyes are almost exact, except Nicki's are maybe a tad bit lighter.
 Nicki's skin is darker.
Nicki's hair is lighter and curlier, Kristen's is straight.
Alright, thanks for reading and remember to keep checking back!!  We will try to finish up Dance Dolls today and post it tomorrow or Monday, and the Talent Show should follow.


  1. MAG #23 looks like Saige. Love this post!

    -TL and the dolls from

  2. Thanks, TL! They do look a lot alike. We may do another comparison, but that would be a couple weeks away because we figure you guys are probably sick of comparisons for the moment.


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