Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Doll Monday 7/1/13

Hey, it's your favorite mini-dolls Sam and Liz!!!!  Today we have a few of our favorite practical jokes to play on your friends, or other dolls.

Tell someone you can pin a glass of water to the wall -- a real glass, not a paper cup, using an ordinary straight pin. Naturally they won't believe, so you set out to prove it.
Get a glass of water and a pin. Hold the glass up to the wall and start to pin it up. And then drop the pin. You've got the glass in position just right, so you ask your victim real nice to get the pin for you. When they bend down to pick it up, dump the water on their head.  We tried this one on Chrissa and McKenna.  They both fell for it.

Put a piece of transparent tape over the ball of a computer mouse. The ball doesn't move so therefore the mouse doesn't work. The victim will slide and slide and slide their mouse and sometimes even pick it up to look at the ball and not even notice the tape.  We played this on Lanie.  She kinda got mad at us, because she was doing important research.

Take some super glue and stick all the caps on your victims pens together so they won't come off when needed. It's fun to leave one not glued so when they ask for help you just pick that one up and voila it opens easily.  We did this to Saige's pens.  We now have to buy her new ones.

Turn up the volume as high as it can go on someone’s computer or radio before they turn it on.  We tried this on Rebecca's phonograph.  We think we broke one of her records trying to figure out how to turn up the volume.  She hasn't figured out yet, though, so don't tell her.

Try these as a revenge plot, or just for fun!!

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