Sunday, June 23, 2013

AG Store: What we bought

When we went to the AG Store a couple weeks ago, we bought a few things which we will share with you. 
 From left to right, top to bottom, we got: Caroline's Nightgown, Rebecca's Summer Outfit, Rebecca's Lace Dress, the Flute Set, Caroline's Birthday Outfit (We didn't get Caroline, she was just modeling the outfit), Caroline's Work Dress, Saige's Sweater Outfit, two sets of basic AG Earrings, a brush (the other two broke), and a set of eight hangers.  Why did we get earrings and Saige's Sweater outfit if we neither had dolls with their ears pierced or Saige?  Well...

WE GOT SAIGE!!  Her hair was already coming out of the rope braid, so we redid it.  We haven't really looked at the curls yet, but we will soon.  Also, a comparison between her and Nicki is a must; you can look for that sometime.   But...
 WE ALSO GOT MyAG #23, WHO WE CALL KRISTEN!!  Her hair came in pigtails, and she looks adorable in them!  She also looks rather like Nicki and Saige; more comparisons coming up probably.   And...
 WE GOT MyAG #49, WHO WE CALL PAIGE!!  Her hair came down, but for now, we have it up because she is modeling...
 the Happy Birthday sticker the Café gives you on your birthday, and
the hairbow the Café gives you, whether or not it is your birthday.

We will try to post something else today, but maybe not since Tarynn is going to a baseball game.  Caroline's Birthday Dress was a disappointment, because what we originally thought was lace was just plastic decals.  Oh, and Kristen and Paige's ears are pierced, we got them done at the store.  Keep checking back for more doll fun!  Also remember to tell us what you think by leaving a comment and voting on the poll to your right.   We're not sure when we will be able to post Dance Dolls Part 2, we are currently working on a Talent Show and a Spotlight on Saige, the winner of the previous poll.

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