Monday, June 17, 2013

Hair Help

Three of our friends gave us dolls in desperate need of hair help, and we fixed them up.

Here is Molly.  Her hair was in four braids and very frizzy.

 Here is Josefina.  Her hair was a hot mess!

Here is Lanie.  Her hair was not very curly, and very frizzy

Molly with her hair down.

Lanie fixed up.

Josefina fixed up.

Molly fixed up.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!  I just mostly brushed the hair out, used Downy on Molly and Josefina, and finger curled Lanie's hair.  Sorry about promising to post and then not posting, something came up and we didn't get home until around midnight, so sorry.   Hopefully we can post something more today, so stay tuned.  Also remember to check back tomorrow! 

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