Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dance Dolls Part 1

The dolls were watching Dance Moms and got some ideas...  Here is a photostory for you.

Caroline, McKenna, Chrissa, and Kanani were watching Dance Moms, their favorite show.

"We should act out Dance Moms!"  McKenna gasped excitedly.

"That's a great idea!" exclaimed Chrissa.  "I can play Brooke!  Everyone says I look just like her!" she continued.
"I don't really see the resemblance," replied Kanani.  "Well, anyway, I call playing Nia."
"I wanna play Chloe!!!!" Caroline yelled.  "She's my favorite dancer."
"Let's go get the other dolls,"  McKenna suggested.  "Come on!"
The girls all thought it was a great idea.  "I want to be the camera person,"  Mia demanded.
"Cool with me.  I just want to be Nia.  That's all that matters."  Kanani proclaimed.
"And I wanna be Brooke!"  Chrissa demanded.
"I want to play Kelly.  This will be fun,"  Kit stated.

"I wanna be Paige!"  Lanie demanded.  "She's my favorite dancer."

"Who should I play?"  Julie asked.  "I'm not really sure who I should be."
"You can be Christi!"  McKenna suggested.
"Yay!" proclaimed Julie.  "All I have to do is say that Chloe is getting unfair treatment!"
"If I take off my glasses, I can play Kendall," Molly suggested.
"I can play Mackenzie," Nicki stated.
"And I can play Jill,"  Rebecca finished. 

"McKenna can play Maddie!  She looks just like her!"  Mia shouted, bursting with excitement.
"Then it's all settled," Rebecca confirmed. 

So from left to right we have Kit: Kelly, Chrissa: Brooke, Lanie: Paige, Julie: Christi, Caroline: Chloe, Kanani: Nia, Rebecca: Jill, Molly: Kendall, Nicki: Mackenzie, McKenna: Maddie, and Mia: Cameraperson.  They can't wait to act out their parts.  (By the way, Marisol was at dance, so she wasn't in this post.  She will, however, probably be in the sequel.)
To be continued...
Thanks for reading :) .  This probably didn't make a lot of sense if you don't watch Dance Moms, sorry about that.  We will probably post the sequel to this post within the week.  This is our last post of today, so go have an awesome night.  See you tomorrow for more doll craziness!

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