Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saige Mini Doll!

It's official-American Girl is releasing a Saige Mini Doll.  Although she is not up on the American Girl website, you can pre-order her at the Barnes and Noble website here. 
There have been rumors about a Saige Mini Doll, but now it is official!  There is no image available on Barnes and Noble, but someone was able to snag a Saige Mini Doll and sell it on Ebay.  The auction is already over, but here is the picture the seller provided:
Isn't she cute?  We don't think her hair is as curly as it is on the big doll, but I guess we'll find out when we get a better picture.  Will you be getting Mini Saige?  Also, the big question is if American Girl will start making mini dolls for retired Girls of the Year, too.  Remember to tell us what you think by commenting or voting on the survey to your right. 


  1. Why is it not avaialable directly from AG?

    1. We're not sure, we thought it might be part of the Fall Release, but it isn't. It is an AG item though. I guess AG just wants to make it difficult!


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