Friday, June 21, 2013

Retiring Molly?

There have been rumors about Molly retiring, but now we think it's official.  A member of the American Girl online community heard from an AG Store worker that Molly will be retired, and the announcement will come at the end of June.  Uh-oh.  But, everyone has been expecting this to happen, since Molly is the oldest doll still produced today.  This is just word on the web, not official, but the announcement, if there is an announcement, will come soon.  We are frantically making lists of Molly stuff we need, and might need to put in a mass order for American Girl :) .   Emily's leaving too!  Hopefully this means another Historical Character.  Fingers crossed.  Just thought the news should come early, so you can have more time to prepare.  :(
Molly Doll, Book & Accessories
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  1. I am sad that Molly is leaving, but hopefully there will be a new doll and the doll will be as awesome as Molly!

  2. Airlec13- There have been rumors of a 1950's doll, but we can only hope that she will be as awesome as Molly.


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