Saturday, June 8, 2013

Two French Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

So in an earlier post, we featured Kanani with Two French Braids, and promised a tutorial.  Today, Julie is modeling another hairstyle tutorial, Two French Braids.
1.  Brush and lightly mist the doll's hair.

2.  Separate the hair into two equal sections.

3. Take a small piece of hair from one of the sections.
4.  Separate this piece into three equal sections

5.  Cross piece 1 over piece 2 like so.

6. Cross piece 3 over piece 1.  Also, this time, you want to pick up hair.  In this picture, it looks like I'm crossing piece 3 over pieces 1 and 2, but I'm only crossing it over 1.

7.  Cross piece 2 over piece 3.  This time, again, you want to pick up hair.  The angle of this picture is really weird, and you can't really tell the hair that was picked up.  Just do what the words say, and not the picture for this one.

8.  Cross piece 1 over piece 3.  Once again, pick up hair.

9.  Keep braiding and picking up hair.  When all of the hair from the section has been picked up, braid normally, as in don't pick up hair.


10.  When you reach the end, tie it off with an elastic.  Notice that no hair in the left section has been picked up in braiding the right section.

11.  Do the same with the other section of hair.

Tada!  Julie shows off her Two French Braids.
Julie and Kanani with their matching braids.
Twins!  Well, hair-wise anyway.
This was our last post of today probably, there may be one more but probably not, so have an awesome day and be sure to check back tomorrow for more doll fun.  Remember to tell us what you think by voting on the survey to your right or leaving a comment!

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