Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camp Doll Diaries

Camp Doll Diaries is going on at!  Our dolls are getting involved fully, and we have a couple of pictures for you.

The name badge that was the first day's craft, and you can find it here.  We had lots of fun making this!

Kanani models the name badge.  We will post a tutorial for her braids later.
Chrissa modeling the visor, which you can find here.
A closer look at the visor.  It is made of purple foam, with Chrissa written with pink glitter glue.  It has pink foam hearts with pink glitter glue on them.
McKenna is making a sit-upon, one of yesterday's crafts.  You can find the tutorial here.
Mia is looking through the button basket.  She is searching for buttons to make a yoyo, for which you can find the tutorial here.
"Look!  I found some!" Mia shouts, excited.
Of course, the dolls didn't forget to play some camp games.  Here, Caroline is hiding behind a pillow.  "I hope Kanani doesn't find me," she whispered.  You can find the post about camp games here.

Have fun and check out Camp Doll Diaries!
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