Thursday, June 6, 2013

Agdollswithablog Spotlight: Julie

Hey, sorry we didn't post the tutorial on how to do the french braids.  I (Valorie) have no idea how to do French braids, and Tarynn is sick.  She will post that tomorrow when she feels a bit better. Anyway, I'm going to do a post all about Julie.  She is one of our first AG dolls and we love her.  I am going to tell you a couple things about Julie.  So, here is the wonderful Julie!!
This is a collage with some photos of
Julie that we have taken.
Julie is a ten year old girl growing up in the 70's.  Julie's parents just got divorced and Julie has to move.  She has to leave Ivy, her best friend, and her rabbit Nutmeg.  Worst of all, she has to leave her dad.  Julie works through the hardships at school, home, and she even helps save the bald eagles.  Julie is a very sweet and helpful girl that loves basketball.  Maybe you should drop by the American Girl store and pick her up today!!
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