Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Make a Doll Clipboard

So, if any of you ever go on Doll Diaries, you know that Camp Doll Diaries is going on.  If you are participating, you know that there are LOTS of little doll-sized papers and registrations forms.  So much, in fact, that Marisol, Cabin Flower Power (our cabin)'s manager, demanded that we make her a doll clipboard.  So, if you need a way to manage all your doll-sized papers or if you just want a clipboard for your dolls, keep reading.

You will need:
  • binder clip
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • cardboard
  • marker, paint, crayons, colored pencils (optional)

1. Line your ruler up to the left edge of the cardboard and mark at 3 inches.

2. Line your ruler up to the top edge of the cardboard and mark at 3 1/2 inches.


3. Extend your lines and connect them together to make a rectangle.

4.  Cut your rectangle out.

5.  (This step is optional).  If you want to leave your clipboard brown, you can, but we decided to color ours black.  You can use paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils or something else to color your clipboard.  We used a marker.


Alright, remember the binder clip?  Time to use it.

7.  Clip your binder clip to your cardboard and you have a doll-sized clipboard!  This is one of the easiest doll crafts ever!
Marisol enjoys her clipboard!  Hope you are enjoying our blog and feel free to leave comments on what you think below.  Also, remember to vote on our survey to your right!  You can expect one more post today before we go to bed, and be sure to visit Doll Diaries for more camp fun!
P.S. As you can tell, we made signatures!

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